Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Vishnu Ratman eats BABIES

Vishnu Rathnam other know as Vishnu Ratman eats BABIES i heard about this story and i thought i wasn't true but it actually is a true story and i wanted to share this to the world and help protect the babies of this world.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Dragon Story

       This is a magical story about Gunter he is an evil dragon who is out to destroy the world. There is also Donuvan the really sexy knight who is in love with princess Prestina. Prestina is a really fat princess and no one can see how she is the descendant of the Queen. Well one day the evil dragon Gunter decided to be feisty and steal the princess and ask for a ransom to be able to buy some new boots in the village in the sky.  The king Prestono and the Queen Prestona asked for the best knight they had to offer to slay the dragon and get their daughter back, that is where Donuvan comes in. He goes on his epic journey but realizes that its is kind of stupid to train because he has read his share of fairy tails and he believes that he will be able to kill the dragon, steal the princess, along with the princess's heart . He however was very wrong, more wrong than than anyone might think. So this is how it went down, since Donuvan didn't train he rushed off for the princess and slay the dragon Gunter. Gunter and Prestina had slowly fallen in love, so Prestina quickly warned Gunter about Donuvan. By the time Donuvan finally made it to Gunter's house, he saw a "Just Married" sign on the front door. He was very out raged by this because the princess was supposed to be his girl. He broke down the door and yelled out Prestina, Prestina. She however was right next to the door expecting him. As soon as he walk in the door way she clocked him with a frying pan. By the time he came to he was hand and ankle cuffed in the tallest tower with a gag in his mouth. The princess came up later with food she also took off his gag so he could eat. When he was finished eating she put the gag back on and told him that she had truly fallen love with the dragon Gunter and that they were going to let him go. Also that the princess's sister would gladly fall in love with him but only if he said to the king and queen that the dragon was slayed but the princess died. and they all lived happly ever after except for the king and queen who thought their daughter had died.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

YouTube Channel Favs

Currently I have really gotten into youtube and i have realized that the channel maasilamani has a really goot play list called vishion impossible its really good and i think you should watch it. Also another really awesome channel is insurd and you should really check it out. I mean like toats my goats about checking out these channels!

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Magical Austopus

One day there was a magical austopus he was a very big pussy though which is very very sad. Because he has no friends. He always wanted to be a real boy though. Then he remembered that that he was a magical austopus so he turned himself into a real boy. However since he was in the water he drowned because he didn't know how to swim. THE END